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Cocon SQUARE Saint-Louis 38
@ musVerre, musée départemental du Nord, Sars-Poteries, France.

Objet soufflé aux Cristalleries de Saint-Louis
Donation de Blaise et Raymonde Crevoisier au musVerre (2017)

« …  In 1998, Hubert Crevoisier was invited to take up a two-months residency at the Museum of Sars-Poteries to develop a personal project which would culminate in a major exhibition and a catalogue. This project marked the genesis of his cocoons, these forceful symbols not only of renewal and metamorphosis but also of that magical passage from one life to the next. Their advent in his creative repertoire can also be linked to the new direction in his nursing activities when he decided to specialise in the care of the terminally ill. This intimacy with transitions seems to be the heart of this powerful archetype...»  

N. A. Revue Céramique et Verre - N° 116.

Hubert Crevoisier